Central to the BetterMeans platform is a new set of rules of engagement called the Open Enterprise Governance model. The open enterprise model offers a new way of working together that is decentralized and dynamic. We are replacing the command and control hierarchy with a collaborate and co-create model. In this new model, there are no bosses and no job titles, but there are different levels of engagement with a workstream. Below is a summary of key points, or you can read the full governance model.

What are the levels of engagement?

There are 3 levels of engagement with a workstream: contributor, member and core team.

What is a contributor?

Contributors are users who have completed work in a workstream. Anyone can become a contributor; there is no expectation of commitment, no specific skill requirements and no selection process. The first step to becoming a contributor is by engaging with a workstream. You might do this by:

  • adding new ideas to Work Streams
  • participating in the discussion: commenting on Work Items, and in the forums
  • starting or joining Work Items
  • providing feedback : informing the organization of strengths and weaknesses from a new user perspective, and keeping the group accountable to its mission and values
  • providing moral support (a ‘thank you’ goes a long way)
  • supporting other users

Contributors are welcome to participate as much as possible. Contributors engage with the enterprise through the Workstream dashboards. They can start (or join) any open Work Item. In addition to starting and joining Work Items, users can use the dashboard to vote in the following ways:

  • prioritizing existing Work Items
  • voting on new ideas (agree/disagree)
  • estimating the effort for suggested Work Items
  • accepting completed Work Items (accept/reject)
All these votes are non-binding. Meaning they don't actually affect the outcome of the items being voted on, but serve as a way for the community's vote to be heard.

As Contributors gain experience and familiarity with the project, their profile within, and commitment to, the community will increase. At some stage, they may find themselves being nominated for Membership.

How does one become a contributor?

There is no application process to become a contributor. Once you have completed a work item, you are automatically made a contributor. In addition, if you are invited to a workstream by an existing member, you are automatically made a contributor.

What is membership?

Members are Contributors who have shown that they are committed to the continued development of the project through ongoing engagement with the project and its community. Any Contributor can become a Member; there are no special requirements, other than to have shown a willingness and ability to participate in the workstream as a team player. Typically, a potential Member will need to show that they have an understanding of the project, its objectives and its strategy. Most importantly, they need to demonstrate that they are aligned with the project’s core principles and values. They will also have provided valuable contributions over a period of time. Contributors are nominated for membership by other members.

In addition to their actions as Contributors, Members will also find themselves doing one or more of the following

  • nominating Contributors for Membership
  • voting on Core Team Membership (see below)
Also Members’ votes are all binding.

It is important to recognize that Membership is a privilege, not a right. That privilege must be earned and once earned it can be removed by the Core Team in extreme circumstances. However, under normal circumstances Membership exists for as long as the Member wishes to continue engaging with the enterprise. A Member who shows an above-average level of contribution to the enterprise, particularly with respect to its strategic direction and long-term health, may be nominated to become a Member of the Core Team (explained below).

How does one become a member?

Contributors can be nominated for membership by any existing Member. The way to nominate someone for membership is to go to the root workstream and click on the Team tab. Next to their name will be a link “Nominate to Membership”. When you click on this, a motion will be created.

Once they have been nominated, there will be a vote by the Core Team. Voting in a Member is one of the few activities that takes place in private. This is to allow Core Team Members to freely express their opinions about a nominee without causing embarrassment. Once the vote has been held, the aggregated voting results are published on the public forum. The nominee is entitled to request an explanation of any ‘no’ votes against them, regardless of the outcome of the vote. This explanation will be anonymous and constructive in nature.

Nominees may decline their appointment as a Member. However, this is unusual, as the project does not expect any specific time or resource commitment from its Members. The intention behind the role of Member is to allow people to contribute more easily, not to tie them in to the project in any formal way.

What is core team?

The Core Team consists of those individuals identified as ‘project representatives’. The Core Team has additional responsibilities over and above those of a Member. These responsibilities ensure the smooth running of the project. Core Team Members are expected to participate in strategic planning, approve changes to the governance model, and formally represent the project to the outside world. First and foremost, they are the guardians and keepers of the project’s principles and values, and are accountable to all stakeholders.

Core Team Members do not have significant authority over other Members of the community, although it is the Core Team that votes new Members in. In addition to their actions as Members, Core Team Members will also find themselves doing one or more of the following:

  • voting on nominated Members
  • voting on changes to the governance model
  • nominating Members to the Core Team

How does one become core team?

Membership of the Core Team is by invitation from the existing Core Team Members. If you are a core team member, you can nominate another member to Core Team by going to the Team tab, and clicking “Nominate to Core” next to the person’s name. A nomination will result in discussion and then a vote by ALL existing Members of the enterprise. Core Team Membership votes are subject to unanimous consensus approval of Members. Unanimous consensus votes last for 120 hours, and at the end of that time all of the binding votes that are cast must be ‘agree’ and there can be no ‘disagree’ votes or vetoes (binding ‘block’ votes).

How can I know who is a contributor, member, and core team?

You can see each person’s role by visiting the Team tab. There will be a list of all the people involved in the worksteam. To the right of the name lists the Role and Since when they have been a part of the workstream.

Is there a video that explains this?

Yes. We’re still polishing up, but here’s the latest draft

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